8 Sexy Things He Wants You to Do

Men want love in a relationship. That is a given. But, they also need a lot else, at the more romantic side of things. They are designed to have a higher libido than girls. Here’s what you can do to please them.

We are not saying you do anything you do not need to do. If you do not have a issue, then why not?

A lot of girls think their guys are not happy with the relationship. That might be because you do not do what they want in bed. We are not saying they do not like the sex since they most likely do. But why not spice it up how they want? You might realize that you enjoy it yourself too.

Guys are somewhat shy in this regard since they may not want you to get offended by some things they may like. Speak with them about it, and you may find they enjoy some things you’re completely okay with but they’re too scared to ask you about it.

1.Lap Dances

Obtaining a lap dance is something every guy would enjoy. With your body so near his, he would get turned on right away.

2. Strip Dancing

Going to a different level from lap dancing would be to strip in front of him. He would love this, and you would be more confident with your body around him too.

3. Surprise S3x

S3x, when it isn’t expected can be the ideal mood booster for a guy. He’ll be even more attracted to you after that.

4. Love Bites

Guys don’t mind a love bite or two. They can act as you marking your territory which other girls would notice and he would be pleased to have.

5. Naughty Pictures

Nudes are boring. Why not spice it up with some poses and teasing pictures? Without doubt, he’ll be thinking about you all day.

6. Dirty Texting

If you’re not living together and haven’t got the chance to send a picture to him, then some dirty texts never hurt anybody. After a long day at work, it’s particularly refreshing for them.

7. Blowjobs

Is there any more explanation necessary?

8. Yup, all kinds

Doing something completely different would take things to a whole new level of your relationship.

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8 Sexy Things He Wants You to Do

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