5 Stages Of Love: Only The Best Couples Are Able To Cross The 3rd Stage

Love relationships between two people are a mix of many factors, including the requirement to be together, the need for focus the need to love and to be loved, with hate, conflicts, anxiety, and joy. Consequently, there are 5 different stages of love, which only the very best couples have the ability to cross and one of them is the key 3rd point, where things take a turn around in several couples life and they call it quits.

Determine which are the stages of love your connection is standing at the moment, and do you fall into the best couples class.

We guide you through the 5 stages of love and the 3rd stage, which can only be crossed by the best couples.

Stage – 1 Attraction

At first, any love affair is only a byproduct of fascination and respect for overwhelmingly self-perceived qualities in them, no matter how ridiculous others see them.

Believing that ‘Love is Forever’

This is the pink cloud platform, where you experience the best feelings together with everything going your way. You start thinking that this moment will last forever as you go head over heels with this person. So, pause, have a look, seek advice and then go ahead.

Stage Two – Becoming a Couple

From two individuals you become a couple after making the go ahead decision. All the fond memories of love will be occurring at this stage like texting early morning and late nights, night outs, cuddling, kissing and making wild love.

Feeling Safe

You start to feel totally secure and protected whenever your partner is around, due to this you start to begin spending maximum time with them.

Stage 3- Beginning of an End

This is where reality strikes! From here things don’t happen how you think or want. All good feelings are encountered of holding hands, cuddling, kissing, $3x. Well, now what more is left? Doubt, questions, expectations start to take over.


Nothing will make you content to the fullest like it did earlier. Things will begin going wrong from here. One of the significant stages that you will need to cross and if you’re sincerely committed, dedicated and honest with your partner, you have the ability to cross, then this relationship has a future.

Stage 4 – Building ‘real’ love

Once you cross the 3rd stage, it makes the bond of understanding, accepting and trusting each other stronger than before. The actual joys of life as couples will be achieved at this point, with each moment turning into a fond memory.

Understanding is the Key

Understanding one another is one of the principal reason that keeps a relationship going. Everything between both the good and bad will be consummated with a positive attitude, giving no room to misunderstanding in the coming stages of love.

5th Stage- Becoming One

The power of becoming one will make you want to change the world and yourselves so that your relationship can exist in a healthy environment. Those people who are fortunate couples, manage to cross all stages and reach this stage.

Total Comfort

This is the ultimatum after you cross all the stages, where you’re in complete comfort and fully relaxed as couples. Accepting and acknowledging each other just the way you are, without making any changes. Finally, a perfect decision was made in choosing your partner and will never be regretted.

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5 Stages Of Love: Only The Best Couples Are Able To Cross The 3rd Stage

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